Missing you comes in waves.
Tonight I’m drowning.
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A month ago I had this lady come in (probably in her 40’s) and she was complaining about craving a frappiccino and that she is on a diet because this winder she ‘gained a lot of weight’ she looks perfectly in shape to me

I was making talk with her “You know life is short don’t be so hard on yourself. I think your body looks great and you deserve to please yourself…” I then realized I just said “Please yourself” now this lady looks for me everytime she comes in. She also tips me at least 5 dollars everytime. It’s pretty great.

I think I either turned this lady gay or I changed her life

Shes a huge joy though.

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Dear Suicide,

You are a permanent response to a temporary problem, and you are a solution to nothing.
I just want to say that at the on set, there is nothing good or romantic about you, Suicide. You are a tragedy.
You are almost in all cases, preventable.
Abe Lincoln had periods of intense, paralyzing depression throughout his life and he became the best President of the United States ever in history, except for Franklin Pierce. (I’m kidding Franklin Pierce, you were the worse.)
There is a correlation between depressive personalities and creativity, but people who are suffering from paralyzing depression don’t create anything.
So it’s very important to me that any time we talk about a writer who’s life ended in suicide that people survive depression, and also that Sylvia Plath wasn’t a good writer because she eventually committed suicide. In fact, her career was cut short and I mourn all of the many wonderful books we might have had.
In short, Suicide, I don’t like to say mean things, but you suck.

Best Wishes,
John Green

― John Green, “An Open Letter to Suicide” (via dauntlessbookthief)

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